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Nintendo Switch Sales Figures

Switch Lite has almost outsold the Wii U on its own

Nintendo’s latest financial report – for the nine months ending December 31st 2020 – has revealed that the Switch has overtaken the lifetime sales of the 3DS in the space of just four years.

79.87 million Switch consoles have now been shipped worldwide. 3DS total sales are pegged at 75.94 million, and the machine has been on sale for a decade (it launched in Japan in February 2011).

That means Switch is currently Nintendo’s fifth best-selling console, behind the GBA (81.5 million), Game Boy (118.7 million), Wii (101.6 million) and DS (154 million).

Because Switch is a combination of Nintendo’s portable and home hardware, you really need to combine sales figures to get a true reflection of its success, but even so, it’s clear the machine has been a massive commercial hit for all concerned.

24.1 million Switch consoles were shipped in the 9 month period, which is a jump of 36% compared with the same period in 2019. That makes it the most successful 9 month sales period in the history of the console. Of that figure, 16.7 million were the standard Switch model, while 7.3 million Switch Lite consoles were sold.

On the topic of the Switch Lite, the machine has almost overtaken the lifetime sales of the Wii U on its own:

Nintendo has estimated that it would sell 24 million consoles by March 2021, and has now upped its projection to 26.5 million – which would mean that the Switch will overtake the GBA to become the company’s fourth most-successful hardware platform.


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