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About Us

A company
created by gamers

Established 2018



We are a collective of amazing people striving to build an amazing experience.

Our Mission

This idea started from the frustration of dealing with other gaming outlets. Between lackluster rewards programs and getting pennies on the dollars for trade-in, we were both fed up. Black Ink Games was then born, but we weren’t sure how we would set ourselves apart. On our journey to provide products and services with gamers and not corporations in mind, we found that the core of the company should be a good experience. What do you need to have the best gaming sessions? A great game, a reliable system, customized pieces, and collectibles that show off your commitment. We deliver it all, and without this world incentives and rewards. We have big plans for the future. We want to be the gaming chain done right, and you can be a part of that journey!

B.I.G Fun Facts

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B.I.G Fun Facts

Join Our Weekly Fun Fact Trivia and Win

What is the name of the webcam
that works with the PS3?

for the answers Every Weds

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Born and raised in Staten Island NY in the early 80s, I developed an early passion for video games. I watched my grandmother play asteroids on her Atari for hours! My uncle worked in the technology field so he always had the latest and greatest. Then, it happened. My mom got me a Nintendo entertainment system. We would spend a lot of free time playing bubble bobble, dig dug, and of course super Mario bros. Early on I became hooked. By the time Turbo Graphix 16 and sets genesis was released, I was an avid gamer. Since then, my brothers and I developed a healthy appetite for competition and great respect for the developing gaming technology. Video games became a way to settle arguments, a past time with friends at arcades, and a bonding experience with my parents and grandparents. Now I see myself as a father reliving that past life with my children. Teaching them the classic games with a sense of nostalgia and bonding with them as the new technology becomes second nature to them. I get to see them develop their own passions in gaming, pursue careers in the technology fields around video games, bond with them over strategies and help them develop their own appetite for completion.



I grew up with a natural love for sports, writing, and reading. If it wasn’t sports, I was at church or waiting in the long line of relatives for a spot on space invaders for Atari. With so many siblings and friends from the church, I lived in a state of steady competition and gaming was a perfect fit because it became a little more competitive with Mario and Luigi. Atari was cool for what it was but for me personally, Mario brought life to gaming. Growing up I got into other things, but gaming was always a constant. Gaming and technology have grown so much since my early Mario days. I have literally lived through every existing gaming system. With exception of my time in the military, gaming was always my go-to for entertainment. Now that I am married with 4 children, I use gaming as bonding time with them. Whether it’s my Xbox One or my beloved Nintendo 64 gaming is in my veins. I am a gamer, I am a geek, I am the co-founder of Black Ink Games.


Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you based out of?

We are 100% USA based. Our headquarters are out of Utica, NY.

Shipping Policy?

We ship all around the world. Shipping is standard flat rate ground shipping unless you choose faster shipping options during checkout. You will be provided with tracking information upon purchasing. Black Ink is committed to delivering on time so your experience goes without a hitch.

How do preorders work?
We are always ahead of the curve. We offer pre-ordering of high demand games. You get the item first, no out of stock messages, or long lines to wait in. We also provide a small freebie with every purchase! See you on game day.

I don’t see the game I want, do you do special orders?
Our inventory is vast, no need for you to look through 1000s of games to find the one you want. Don’t see the game in our store, but trust it is in our warehouse. We take special orders. Submit the special request form and be on your way to getting your game or collectible.

Refund Policy
We are committed to delivering a quality experience. For full money back refunds, the package must be unopened. If an item is damaged, you will send us back the damaged item and we will replace it immediately using fasted shipping method to you at no charge. All other returns will be given store credit based on our buyback program.