Rewards Program

Earning Points

For every dollar spent you earn 1 point. On special days and items we double even triple point worth. Use points to buy anything from B.I.G including customized graphics.

Easter Eggs & Games

What's gaming without fun quests. Unlock special discounts and incentives through trivia, social media, and hidden gems on this site.

B.I.G. Buys Back

Buy a game from us, get what its worth in our store. Get B.I.G dollars when you sellback a game. 3x the rate anywhere else. Forget pennies on the dollar. Play then get paid, so you can buy more games!

How the Buy Back Works

Print Label

Once you have requested a buyback label. Print it off and drop it at your nearest USPS. Keep in mind we only buy back games brought from B.I.G.

Cash In

Once we see the item has shipped we accredit your rewards account with points equivalent to 65% of purchased price.


Use your reward points to purchase new games. It's that simple!


Customer Reviews

I wanted a specific retro game for a gift. The guys at Black Ink were fast, found exactly what I needed, and I earned enough points for something for myself.

Andrew P.

I am an intense gamer so I wear out controllers and accessories. They hooked me up with my custom controllers with cool graphic and extra durable parts. Love B.I.G

Jason L.

Im used to getting a few bucks for games I paid alot for a few months back. I was able to sell it back and for a few bucks get the new version and earn points.Can't lose shopping here.

Nina C.